Have you made a huge transformation recently and would like to show off your hard work and dedication? This area of photography is by far one of my favorite to shoot as I have been a member of a local gym for the past few years and made a transformation of my own. I thought why not offer people a platform to show off the their own hard work and dedication! 

Having worked with Bikini/Fitness competitors, Bodybuilders who have both stepped on stage and people who just wanted to have their hard work documented through stunning photography, I know the poses and angles to capture you in your element.

Shoots usually last up to 2 hours to ensure that we capture the images you want and usually take place in a local gym or the gym you go to regularly, or can be taken in-studio.

All of the fully edited photos are then given to you on a presentation USB Flash drive or CD 

This offers the best value as you have complete control over what you can do with your photos afterwards, print & frame any size, share on Facebook, use for your website or advertising, email to friends or just view them on your TV or computer!

To receive a qoutation or for other inquiries please do not hesitate to Contact us here or Phone 0830093265 / email andrew@andrewcollinsphotography.com